Frog Hollow Farm

Address: 401 Frogtown Road, Kintnersville, PA 18930    Reservation Line: 610.847.FROG (3764)


Patti & Mitch w/1931 Ford

Frog Hollow Farm pretty much named itself. In April 2001, new owners Mitch and Patti Adler and their dog, Petie, were sitting on the front porch swing, a light rain pattering on the tin roof. As day turned to dusk, dozens of frogs welcomed the new residents to their neighborhood with a sweet chorus from the hollow. Mitch and Patti looked at each other, smiled, and just…knew.

Frog Hollow Farm served its first guests in July 2005, beginning a new era in personal hospitality in Upper Bucks County. It was the culmination of years of dreaming and planning.

“Patti and I have been staying at B&Bs since we met,” explains Mitch. ”After years of inn sojourning, we’d learned lots of little touches that make a stay memorable. We’ve worked hard to incorporate all those special details we believe make our guests feel most welcome and appreciated.”

The Adlers accomplish this mission by bringing some of the past back to their eighteenth-century farm. From the moment you arrive, you’ll begin settling into a pace of life that recalls a more peaceful time. The moment you leave, you’ll begin dreaming of when you can return again.

The Frog Hollow Farm Philosophy

Everything we do at Frog Hollow Farm is in service to our guests relaxing and savoring the soothing of all their senses. We remind them that there are still places to visit that were—and are—one with their surrounding communities. We’re proud of our little piece of a time gone by, and try to foster an appreciation for our area by sending guests to enjoy local eateries and attractions. We provide a place where guests can step back in time and appreciate a different quality of life—when one lived independently, yet co-existed with fellow humans and beasts alike. A time when we shared, raised, fixed and mended, instead of acquiring, using up and discarding. Here at this special place, we hope that for a few days, our guests will find a “ribet” of heaven on earth.
website gallery chagall phil                a copy of the painting  “I and My Village” by Marc Chagall



Autumn Leaves


Words are not sufficient to express the wonderful, magical experience of staying at Frog Hollow Farm. — A.C. Moore